Roku Canada extends OneView partnership with Matterkind

IPG's addressable specialists will get access to first party data on the ad platform through 2023.

Roku Canada is continuing to expand its Canadian TV advertising offering through its OneView advertising platform with an extension of its partnership with IPG’s Matterkind.

Matterkind was the first campaign partner to sign on when Roku brought OneView to Canada last fall. The platform allows advertisers to leverage first-party identity data from the Roku platform, specifically TV viewership data, to enable efficient, targeted campaigns.

The partnership has now been extended through 2023, and will give Matterkind – the addressable advertising specalists within IPG’s Kinesso – more opportunities to optimize omni-channel campaigns, reaching more screens and more eyes.

Debrani Ghosh, senior director of marketing solutions at Matterkind, says the platform has allowed the agency to identify individuals who engage with specific apps or re-message consumers based on past content consumption. She further credits that first party data and targeting capabilities with allowing the agency to outperform on several client KPIs.

Advertisers’ interest in streamers has increased as more Canadians have turned to ad-supported streaming services for their content and as connected TV targeting becomes more sophisticated.

Christina Summers, country manager at Roku Canada, says, “With this, there’s a great opportunity for marketers to zero in on their target audience and better reach more TV streamers across the country.”