Nielsen joins TikTok’s Media Mix Modelling

The measurement company will help the social platform develop its data processes and help advertisers better understand campaign results.

Nielsen has signed on as one of the companies participating in TikTok’s new program to drive consistency and quality in its ad measurement.

First announced in April, TikTok’s Media Mix Modelling program was created to give marketers more insights to campaign performance on the platform. Working with various measurement partners, the company is developing different modelling techniques, with an eye towards consistency and offering a more streamlined process to advertisers that helps them understand the social platform’s impact within their broader media mix.

As partner, Nielsen will help TikTok build and scale its data processes, helping advertisers find insights to improve their advertising effectiveness. For Nielsen, this will allow the company to include TikTok campaign activity in its performance measurement solutions, which Matthew Palmer, VP, marketing effectiveness at Nielsen Canada, says will help advertisers better evaluate the impact TikTok has on their sales.

The other measurement partners in the Media Mix Modelling program are IRI, Analytic Partners, Ekimetrics and Neustar