Air Transat buys the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

The airline was also fourth most-active in Montreal with its new summer radio push.

Air Transat soared above other radio advertisers last week, according to Media Monitors’ data for the week of May 30 to June 5.

The leisure airline began a new push to reach would-be summer travellers by buying the most radio spots in Toronto, and the fourth-most in Montreal.

The remainder of the lists looked very similar to last week. In Toronto, President’s Choice, Panago Pizza, BMO, Spence Diamonds and Pathways to Education either maintained or shuffled around their spots. The remainder of the list featured four brands that increased their buys from the previous week to enter the top ten.

In Montreal, Virgin Plus once again held on to the top spot, with President’s Choice moving up one spot to second. Bon C Bon and Casino Montreal boosted their buys from the previous week to round out the top five.

Categorically, banks, public service organizations and QSRs were the most active advertisers in Toronto. Telcos and public service organizations were the most active in Montreal.

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