Newcomers are more likely to be SVOD viewers

MTM's latest data also shows that U.S. and international services are more popular than home-grown ones.

Watching video is just as popular among newcomers as it is among those born in Canada, according to the latest report from MTM, but the former have more of a propensity to do so through digital and streaming services.

The report is based on its annual study that focuses on those who have come to Canada in the last five years. It found that 97% of newcomers report watching some sort of video content in the previous month. However, those born in Canada were 16% more likely to say they watch linear TV than newcomers, who are more likely to watch subscription video services, like Netflix.

Around half of newcomers (52%) subscribe to a linear TV service like cable or satellite, while 85% subscribe to at least one SVOD. Those who have already obtained Canadian citizenship are most likely to subscribe to TV, likely because they’ve established a more permanent household. They are more likely to subscribe to YouTube Premium, but less likely to subscribe to Canadian entertainment SVODs like Crave.

Both local and international news channels are popular among newcomers, as CNN, BBC and CTV News Channel are among the most mentioned channels in the survey. Similarly, Quebec newcomers are less interested in the Canadian French-language channels. The gap is the smallest for LCN, which is likely tied to the interest in news content among newcomers.

Cantonese-speaking newcomers are more likely than other newcomers to say they watch many Canadian TV channels. This group shows more inclination to watch City and CTV, including CTV News Channel, than other newcomers. Nearly three in ten watch Omni, likely aided by the Cantonese language content on the multicultural channel.

English is the most common language for video and TV consumption among newcomers, since the availability of content in English, particularly on North American television, makes it easily consumed. This follows across linear and digital platforms.

However, nearly half of newcomers still watch content in a language other than English or French. Sizeable segments of viewers of Punjabi, Chinese, and Arabic content also subscribe to SVODs dedicated to those particular languages.

Smartphones are the most common devices (60%) for newcomers to use when watching SVODs, followed by connected TV (33%).