QSRs jump to the top: Media Monitors

McDonald's and Subway boosted their radio buys in both Toronto and Montreal.

McDonald’s and Subway have increased the buy behind their summer radio pushes, according to Media Monitors data for June 27 to July 3.

McDonald’s jumped to the top of the list of most active radio advertisers in Toronto with a campaign behind a new limited-edition version of the Big Mac, followed by Subway. Desjardins held on to the number three spot, with Fido and BMO moving by a handful of spots to round out the top five.

In Montreal, McDonald’s made a slightly smaller leap but still hit the top, with Subway making a big jump into third. Fido held on to its number two spot, with iHeartRadio and Bon C Bon moving a handful of spots to take fourth and fifth.

Categorically, QSRs were the most active group of advertisers in both Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto, banks and insurance companies also had a big week, while insurance companies and telcos rounded out the top three in Montreal.

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