Jed Schneiderman joins zero-party data company Jebbit

The media and tech vet will lead operations in Canada and drive pick-up for its quiz platform.

Jed Schneiderman has been appointed VP and country manager for Jebbit in Canada to help drive local pickup for the company’s quiz platform.

Jebbit’s platform allows brands to build interactive experiences – namely, consumer-facing quizzes, as well as trivia and interactive look books – that capture “zero-party data” (ZPD).

ZPD is data that is willingly and explicitly shared by a consumer directly with a brand. Unlike behavioral and transactional data, which are inferred data sets, ZPD is explicit.

“The consumer is telling you what they want, so it’s more accurate and builds more trust and transparency between the consumers and the brand,” Schneiderman tells MiC. “ZPD goes way beyond ‘what’ they want, it gets to the ‘why,’ capturing both the rational and emotional drivers, which is what builds lifetime value and loyalty.”

Schneiderman is Jebbit’s first Canadian hire. The firm has been working with brands in Canada for several years but felt it needed a stronger local presence as marketing demand for the platform has doubled since last year. Schneiderman will focus on building awareness and evangelizing Jebbit in the Canadian market.

He says that the service has significantly grown in popularity since its introduction, and has picked up work with the likes of L’Oreal and P&G who are looking for “the data they need to survive in a cookieless world.”

Schneiderman attributes the platform’s success to solving two major challenges that brand marketers face today.

“The first being consumer attention: how do you create experiences at scale that consumers love and that provide value to them. The second is ZPD, which is the top challenge every CMO faces today in light of Google and Apple’s privacy changes,” he says.

He adds that the Jebbit platform is both no-code and easy to use. “We hear clients say all the time that building in Jebbit is their favorite part of the day,” explains Schneiderman.

Jebbit’s quizzes can comply with any country’s privacy laws because every screen is completely customizable. The platform is designed so that the marketer has full control to add the necessary language and consent actions to make it compatible with local regulations.

The firm now plans to continue to add to its services the features which brands need to improve the e-commerce experience and to best connect with their consumers.

Prior to Jebbit, Schneiderman was the SVP, business development for Kognitiv Corporation, a collaborative commerce platform also built on zero-party data. Schneiderman was also the co-founder and president of Tapped Mobile and the online business group lead at Microsoft Canada. He also has experience at CTV, Procter & Gamble and AOL Canada.