Voila brings TikTok trends to your table

The grocery delivery service is capitalizing on the scarcity caused when recipes and food trends go viral on the platform.

Sobeys’ grocery delivery service, Voila, has launched a new initiative that capitalizes on TikTok trends to tap into a new customer base.

Many food trends on TikTok have been known to lead to product shortages at grocery stores who weren’t expecting a spike in demand caused by a viral video. For example, a baked feta pasta dish lit up the social network last spring, leading to shortages of cheese and fusilli on store shelves.

But grocers “haven’t really captured the ability to convert off of what’s trending on social into e-commerce for grocery delivery,” says Blake Connolly, group account director at FCB Canada, the agency that led creative on the initiative. “We’ve created a platform that does that smoothly from a consumer perspective.”

The platform is called Trending2Table, and it involves partnerships with food influencers and creators on the platform “who kick off or lean into these trends and build the momentum behind them,” Connolly explains.

In addition to potentially helping Sobeys predict what the next big food trend might be, it creates a direct link to Voila to help it be the beneficiary of said viral recipe. When the creators showcase a recipe in a video, viewers can transition to a Voila ecommerce platform with a single click, where they will find a cart pre-loaded with all of the required ingredients to make that recipe.

“We are seeing if we can tap into their audiences and convert them into Voila customers in a way that feels natural, authentic to the platform, and makes it easy for people who want to hop onto a trend and make it at home,” he adds.

The move is one in a line of similar initiatives from Voila, which has long been focused on “busy, budget families,” Connolly said. Last year, it announced a partnership with Oliver & Bonacini restaurants in an effort to offer a “gourmet culinary experience” to its shoppers. “It’s about saving time, offering convenience and providing something tasty for families. This is another component in that effort.”

North Strategic handled the PR for the effort.