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New direction at Knowledge

Flush with provincial money and new status as a Crown corporation, the BC educaster now led by Rudy Buttignol drops in-house production and spends on digital technology.


CBC axes jPod, MVP, Intelligence

The series failed to draw ‘mass audience’ despite a record-breaking season, says CBC. jPod producer blames lack of promotion by network.


jPod makes play for online eyeballs

Based on Douglas Coupland’s novel, the new CBC series arrives with support from a broader ‘universe’ of links to auctions, games and a fictitious Vancouver company looking for a bigger bang for its promo buck.


Intelligence faces uncertain future

Media buyers remain upbeat about Chris Haddock’s beleaguered series, which closed its second season in the mid-200s – though word from the Intelligence set says there won’t be a third.


In production: Search & Rescue

The real Coast Guard is helping create the fictionalized action-drama about its adventures.


Ceeb to bow series about vid game industry

Gritty JPod, slated for January, delves into the subculture of Vancouver’s video game industry.


About a Girl to debut on Global

The college comedy is aiming to tap into the tween, twenty- and thirtysomething demographic.