Sleep Country

Sleep Country takes a multi-channel approach to get young people to sleep better

Digital display ads, social media and more traditional mediums were meant to reach students of any age.

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Air Transat buys the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

Meanwhile, Bell held on to its top spot in Montreal.


How are Canadian newcomers consuming audio?

An MTM report finds that while radio consumption is low, they are big users of digital platforms.

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Wireless brands stay on top for one more week: Media Monitors

But other advertisers are getting off to strong starts for their fall radio pushes.

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Virgin Plus buys the top, again: Media Monitors

But the CNE, U of T and BMO made strong bids in Toronto.


Rogers outage ruled to be relevant to Shaw merger decision

The Competition Tribunal also ruled that the proposed sale of Freedom Mobile was not a sufficient remedy to concerns.

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Virgin Plus jumps back to the top: Media Monitors

Wireless carriers continue to maintain their strong summer radio buys in both Toronto and Montreal.

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Chatr, Virgin Plus keep up top buys: Media Monitors

While some new entrants shook things up in Toronto, Montreal’s radio ads were dominated by telcos.

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Wireless carriers maintain strong radio buys: Media Monitors

Chatr and Virgin Plus continue to top the lists in both Toronto and Montreal.


How context impacts the online back-to-school shopping experience

The results of the latest IAS survey will help brands understand the back-to-school spending plans of students and parents and how best to reach them.


What’s behind Canada’s ad spending dip?

Darrick Li, managing director for Canada at Standard Media Index, explains a reversal of the continued growth.

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Mobile brands buy big on the radio: Media Monitors

Chatr, Virgin Plus and Public Mobile had a big presence in both Toronto and Montreal.


A look at youth podcast audiences

While not as popular as streaming or radio, MTM finds that the format has its place in kids’ audio consumption.

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Hyundai buys the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

Automakers were, overall, highly active on the city’s radio airwaves.

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Ford buys the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

Automakers are continuing summer radio pushes in the country’s biggest market.