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Online audiences are flocking back to travel sites

However, Comscore’s research found that platforms with information about destinations have a much higher reach than those used to actually book trips.


Comscore brings connected TV measurement to Canada

Content owners and advertisers will have a full view of how content is performing for both planning and ongoing measurement.


Comscore brings predictive audiences to Canada

The contextual approach is another tool advertisers can test while they can still be compared to cookies.


Corus partners with Comscore to measure branded content

The media company is working with the firm to better measure the ROI of its brand integration and sponsorship content.


Nine in 10 Canadians are online, mostly on mobile: Comscore

Proportionally, more 18+ Canadians than Americans went online in September, according to the company’s latest surveys.

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People Moves: New VPs at SMI, MIQ

Plus, Stingray adds to its sales operations.


Ecommerce, auto sites and social seeing new surges

Some categories that previously saw “huge declines” are beginning to rebound, according to ComScore.


Digital media consumption surged, but is now slowing

Comscore’s data shows that the news category’s rise is slowing, but dating sites, food sites and pet sites are soaring.


Digital consumption is growing more in some categories than others

Online traffic continues to grow, but some categories are slowing on growth, according to Comscore.


How Canadians are spending their isolation time online

Visits to news sites have increased across the board, with sessions lasting longer.


ICYMI: Comscore partners with Twitch

Plus, Food Network Canada is set to premiere a new original featuring the chefs of tomorrow, and Schitt’s Creek says good-bye.

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ICYMI: A new CEO for ComScore, a new image for Facebook

Plus, senior journalists in Canada shuffle about as Andrew Coyne leaves Postmedia and Don Martin announces his retirement.


Canadian media industry reacts to Comscore’s SEC settlement

The digital measurement company has settled charges and says it’s ready to move on, but Canadian buyers says this speaks to a bigger issue.


What’s unique about Canadian sports streaming?

When it comes to online sports, there are riches in niches.


It’s a mobile world, but Canada might be lagging

Numbers from Comscore show that Canada is still very much a desktop nation.