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Destination BC Orca Wrap[3]

Destination BC brings the ocean to the Toronto Star

The tourism company is targeting city dwellers with sea-inspired paper wraps and newspaper boxes that emit orca whale sounds.

BCCHF Capital Campaign-Magazine-2_72

The BC Children’s Hospital hopes to grow

The hospital has launched a new campaign that aims to raise money for construction of a new space.


Prairie Milk gets catty with app launch

The dairy farmer organization targets youth with a new Milk vs. Cats app.

TOURISM BRITISH COLUMBIA - Snow is falling on downtown Toronto

Spotted! Tourism BC creates a ski scene

Winter arrived early in Toronto last weekend, with the tourism co setting up an installation that recreated a winter experience using snow, wind and the smell of the outdoors.

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MTS pulls teens into an online love story

Manitoba Telecom Services wants teens to fall in love with its phone services through a Facebook video that pulls in content from users’ feeds.

Honda Civic

BC Honda Dealers make driving fun again

MiC shares results from Jungle Media’s full page takeover of Yahoo!’s OMG vertical, which was created to give the brand some unique promotion.

MTS Decal

Manitoba Telecom Systems dresses up

Targeting female shoppers, the telco has partnered with Fashion Frame to launch a campaign in Winners change rooms.