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OLG back on top: Media Monitors

Financial institutions decrease their spend as the auto industry continues its run in both the Toronto and Montreal markets.


ING Direct buys big: Media Monitors

The financial institution bought the most airtime in Toronto, with Just for Laughs purchasing the most in Montreal for the week of May 27 to June 2.


CBC buys big: Media Monitors

The pubcaster bought the most airtime in Toronto for the week of Dec. 31, 2012 to Jan. 6, 2013.


Chevrolet buys the most radio: Media Monitors

The car co bought the most radio airtime in Toronto, with Dormez-vous buying big in Montreal for the week of Oct. 29 to Nov. 4.


Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealers drive to the top: Media Monitors

The auto dealer association has made the largest radio purchase in Toronto, while Dormez-vous took the top spot in Montreal, for Aug. 20 to 26, 2012.


Canadian National Exhibition holds on to the top: Media Monitors

The annual exhibition made the biggest radio buy in Toronto for the second straight week; Dormez-vous did the same in Montreal over August 13 to 19, 2012.


Canadian National Exhibition is tops: Media Monitors

The annual exhibition snagged the #1 spot in Toronto, with Dormez-vous coming in first in Montreal for the Aug. 6 to 12, 2012 report.

Rogers Bundle

Rogers Bundle tops the radio charts for second week in Toronto

The Government comes in at #2 in TO, while Dormez-Vous rises to #1 in Montreal according to Media Monitors for July 25 to 31.

Government of Canada

Government returns to the top in Toronto: Media Monitors, July 11 to 17

The Government of Canada ranks first in Toronto’s radio ad buy charts, while mattress retailer Dormez-vous stays on top in Montreal.

Bell Mobility 1

Bell Mobility tops radio ad buy charts in Toronto: Media Monitors, July 4 to 10, 2011

The mobile service provider jumps onto the list at #1, while mattress retailer Dormez-vous retains the top position in Montreal.


Government tops Toronto radio ad buys: Media Monitors, June 27 to July 3

The Government of Canada snags the spot from previous top buyer Rogers Hi-speed.

Rogers Hi-Speed 2

Rogers Hi-Speed remains at the top: Media Monitors, June 13-19, 2011

The internet provider ups its radio ad buy to remain on top in Toronto, while the Government of Canada stays put at #1 in Montreal.