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Desjardins banks on The Amazing Race Canada

The financial institution’s activation mix is meant to both drive brand KPIs and put attention on its GoodSpark Grants.


Why ad experts are welcoming Canada’s new privacy rules

While Bill C-27 will weed out bad actors and improve consumer confidence, it will require work on overhauling privacy policies and ensuring tech partners are up to the bill’s standards.


Desjardins creates a branded podcast about people doing good

Created with Quebecor and Glassroom, “Questions de fond” spotlights organizations tackling some of Quebec’s biggest societal issues.

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Glassroom hires new lead on Desjardins business

In addition to supporting day-to-day management, Daniel Balment will lead work on the account outside of Quebec.


Why agencies shouldn’t sweat Meta’s ad targeting changes

Beyond the need to adhere to local regulations, removing sensitive targeting options is more of an opportunity to explore more effective methods.


Comscore brings predictive audiences to Canada

The contextual approach is another tool advertisers can test while they can still be compared to cookies.


Desjardins signs on for Hometown Hockey

The financial brand will have on-site integrations and in-broadcast features during each of the tour’s stops.


How are agencies preparing for a fourth wave?

Cautious optimism, with a healthy dose of lessons learned over the last 17 months, are shaping plans for the back half of 2021.