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How are Canadian newcomers consuming audio?

An MTM report finds that while radio consumption is low, they are big users of digital platforms.


Two-thirds of streaming subscribers still have cable

The latest MTM report also finds SVOD subscribers watch more traditional TV, suggesting they use Netflix and Disney+ as supplements, not replacements.


Newcomers are more likely to be SVOD viewers

MTM’s latest data also shows that U.S. and international services are more popular than home-grown ones.


Two-thirds of Canadians still subscribe to paid TV

MTM’s look at how SVODs are impacting traditional cable and satellite services finds subscribers spent more time with TV than SVODs.

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More Canadians subscribe to SVOD than traditional TV

MTM’s latest dives into how media consumption has changed coming out of the pandemic.


Meta’s social platforms are the most popular with newcomers to Canada

The latest MTM report shows social media is the most popular news source for newcomers.

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Radio stays relevant despite growth of podcasts

MTM provides at look at who is listening to each audio platform, and how.


Newcomers to Canada are more reliant on their phones

A survey by MTM finds mobile devices tend to be their primary entertainment, communications and information-seeking device.


Infrastructure impacts how Indigenous people in the north use media

MTM oversampled a group that is usually overlooked by many other surveys of media and technology habits.


How does TV fandom translate into digital behaviour?

MTM dives into how Canadian TV viewers interact with their favourite shows and cast members online.


How do new Canadians get their news?

Research from MTM shows that newcomers trust Canadian outlets as much, if not more, than international ones.


Streaming is king, but radio still has a place with Canadian teens

The latest MTM Jr. report dives into the audio habits of kids and teens, showing that YouTube is a major player while podcasts have yet to take off.


Canadian technology habits lean towards what’s convenient

MTM’s spring research also paints its first of picture of what radio, TV and internet use looks like in Northern Canada.

YouTube Kid

How YouTube fared in Canada in 2020

Children and their parents remain a big audience for the platform and many turn to it for music over other audio streaming options.


Netflix has a hold on French Canada; Comedy rules for podcasts

The Media Technology Monitor’s latest report offers a glimpse into how Canadians are engaging with the newest kinds of media.