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Fewer handsets, more agencies: key takeaways from MWC

Juice Mobile CEO Neil Sweeney on the ad tech trends that emerged from the Mobile World Congress.


Top takeaways from the Mobile World Congress: blog

Neil Sweeney from Juice Mobile and Naveed Ahmad at Addictive Mobility gives MiC CEO-level insight from the show floor in Barcelona.


Blog: Mobile World Congress moves from the handset to mobile computing

Juice Mobile’s CEO Neil Sweeney wraps up the week, saying Samsung leads the way with innovative launches in Barcelona.


Blog: Rollout of m-commerce platforms on a global scale

Details on MasterCard’s plans to expand its PayPass mobile wallet and Visa and Samsung’s global partnership, live from the Mobile World Congress.


Blog: The goods on Firefox’s new launch

Neil Sweeney, president and CEO at Juice Mobile is giving MiC readers the rundown of the top news from this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.