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Rogers backs pick-pack cable packaging in CRTC hearings

The cable and mobile giant also opposed the end of simultaneous substitution. (Rogers Media president Keith Pelley pictured)


Rogers’ Next Issue marketing push paying off

Steve Maich, SVP of publishing at Rogers on how Next Issue Canada is trending to date, and where he sees it going in 2014.


Why Rogers is stepping into the ring with WWE

Scott Moore discusses the details of the deal with the wrestling organization, and how it fits into Rogers’ strategy around the company’s sports programming.


Rogers goes big with WWE deal

A new 10-year deal between Rogers and WWE keeps wrestling on Sportsnet and aims to bring the WWE Network to Canadian television subscribers.

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Rogers’ second quarter earnings slide

Overall revenue at the wireless, cable and media giant was virtually unchanged.

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Rogers cuts hundreds of jobs

The company’s changes are the latest moves in a restructuring effort from its new CEO.

The battle’s on, everywhere

Media cos are locking up content rights, beefing up their catch-up services and launching online original content in a bid to conquer the digital space.

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Rogers Communications’ Guy Laurence unveils change strategy

A revamped executive suite is part of Rogers 3.0, a multi-year plan to boost company earnings momentum and customer service.

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Rogers Communications’ Phil Lind to exit as regulatory chief

The long-time exec will advise the media giant for three years, while remaining on its board of directors.

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Rogers Communications posts lower Q1 earnings

The media giant was hit by weakness in its wireless division and lower overall TV revenues.

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Radio-Canada expands ICI

Premium service Extra will make 400 new titles available to Rogers and Telus customers for free, or to non-subscribers for a monthly fee.

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Rogers Communications posts lower Q4 earnings, revenue

The media giant said the Sochi Olympics has forced it to air more NHL games during the latest financial quarter due to a compressed league schedule ahead of the Winter Games.

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Rogers Communications renews Canadian TV baseball deal

The media giant also launches MLB Network in Canada as Sportsnet and TSN continue their battle for live sporting event viewers.

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Poll: most Canadians want pick and pay cable pricing

“The findings reveal that Canadians prefer channel bundles, however, also want the option to build their own packages,” Rogers Communications, which commissioned the Harris/Decima survey, reported.


One last thing: Michael Neale on the NHL’s deal with Rogers

MediaCom Canada’s chief investment officer closes the week with his thoughts on what the blockbuster deal will mean for Rogers.