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CTV and TD

TD makes its debut on The X Factor

The Canadian bank is working with CTV to be integrated into the US reality show with commercial break vignettes.


The X Factor gets top vote: BBM, Dec. 19 to 25, 2011

The final episode of the reality show’s first season snagged the most viewers for the week.


Fox’s mid-season update

A premiere date for Alcatraz and revised start for Idol are set, as Fox announces its mid-season sked.


Fox’s Terra Nova bites back in major markets

Rogers Media is claiming victory as it beats CTV’s The X Factor amongst 18- to 49-year-olds in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.


Fall TV: Why CTV’s Phil King is grinning

CTV and CTV Two have seven of the top-10 rookie US shows, and a strong returning bench, the network programming boss says.


Social TV: the industry weighs in

Media execs Nick Barbuto of Cossette and Katie Atkinson of Aegis talk to MiC about the merger of social media and TV viewing.


Fall TV: Thursday night numbers

The Big Bang Theory brought in over four million viewers on CTV last Thursday, its most watched episode ever.

"73 Seconds"

Fall TV: X Factor premieres but CSI takes the night

Simon Cowell’s much-hyped reality show debuts at number three, with network stalwarts CSI and Survivor edging it out.