Sexy Santas with video backpacks to mingle with Streisand crowd

Street marketing has added a new old-school version of mobile to the guerilla arsenal.

Toronto’s Hit N’ Run Entertainment has boosted its street marketing capabilities by adding mobile video units to backpacks, allowing guerillas to take marketing messages right to consumers wherever they happen to be. With crisp images and good sound quality, the X16 mobile video units can play trailers, music videos and commercials.

To promote Diana Krall’s Christmas DVD, Live in Paris, Hit N’Run contracted with Eagle Rock Entertainment to have a ten-woman backpack team – dressed in what company partners Ryan Kerr and Eric Coucke term ‘naughty Santa attire’ – mingle with crowds streaming into Toronto’s Air Canada Centre for Barbra Streisand’s two scheduled concerts on Oct. 17. Meanwhile, eight other Santa girls will hand out red-wrapped postcards describing Krall’s CD as ‘the perfect gift for the holiday season.’

Queried about the cost of such a promotion, Kerr said only that ‘price points vary and are dependent upon client needs – such as number of venues, length of campaign – and are negotiated accordingly.’