Ad recession imminent, but CPG could stay strong: report

As short-term consumer behaviours could turn into more permanent ones, consumer goods could weather the storm better than other categories.


Are Canadians entering a state of news fatigue?

Mindshare’s Sarah Thompson on why the agency is seeing a quest for good news among advertisers.

retro radio

Provincial campaigns go big on radio: Media Monitors

Meanwhile, the auto category has continued to advertise unabated.


How media consumption is shaping Canadians’ mindsets

Canadians are consuming more media than ever, but trust is not evenly distributed.


ICYMI: Cossette Media scores big internationally and more

Plus, Bell Media and TIFF pair to deliver positivity through film, and Corus confirms what will fill the suddenly empty Big Brother slots.


How Canadians are spending their isolation time online

Visits to news sites have increased across the board, with sessions lasting longer.

The Good Doctor - Season 3

The Good Doctor stays strong: Numeris

Grey’s Anatomy and Survivor continued to duke it out for the second and third place.


What brands can learn from history (and how this is a little different)

Economist Peter Field says now is not the time to take the foot off the gas on ad spend – and one Canadian agency CEO says things are steadier than one might expect.


Auto advertising propels the radio market: Media Monitors

Governments also upped their radio spend as part of their COVID-19 awareness efforts.


Media companies around the globe report a sudden drop in ads

The International News Media Association has word from companies around the globe that brands have done a face-heel turn on ads.

The Good Doctor - Season 3

Top viewed shows stay steady: Numeris

Classics like Survivor and Grey’s fared well in the top five, but nothing can touch The Good Doctor.


The three likeliest scenarios for ad investment in the age of COVID-19

U.K. firm Warc has outlined what could happen throughout the next year depending on the response to the virus — and it’s likely traditional media could be hit hard.


Media mergers and acquisitions on the rise in volume, not value

Canadian acquisitions have not accounted for much of the global value of such deals.


Lotto Max replaces Tims at the top: Media Monitors

Most of last week’s top-five buyers purchased fewer spots on the air.


The potential impact of COVID-19 on OOH, by the numbers

A new report by IMI gives insight into just how quiet it could get on transit, at festivals and at the movies.