You may call today Wednesday – Durex has another name for it

A saucy integrated campaign on behalf of Durex is generating enthusiasm for the concept of dubbing Wednesdays 'Durex Hump Day' in English and, in French, 'Cinq a sexe.'

Wags in the Toronto shop of MacLaren McCann came up with the deliberately provocative Durex Hump Day campaign on behalf of Durex Canada – and while we’re still no Australia – it seems sexy humor in advertising gets up to a 25% higher-than average rise out of Canadians.

The online element of the double-entendre-based campaign includes dedicated real estate on Durex’s website – a destination being visited on Wednesdays at a rate that’s 196% higher than the other weekdays combined. Today, content centres on sharing pick-up lines with your ‘friends’ and invites cyber Casanovas to submit their best come-ons.

The saucy concept also broke through the cyberclutter elsewhere on the interweb. Ad banners have a clickthrough rate that’s 15-25% higher than the industry average, with more than 2.4 million awareness impressions generated to date. The campaign will continue through next year after breaking this summer, and includes print ads in commuter newspapers, in-bar posters, and prompted chatter by radio personalities and interaction with listeners.