They put ads where?

And now ... wristvertising - turning consumers into walking or, even better, dancing billboards. That's the concept a US-based entrepreneur recently launched at a network of trendy clubs. And now wristband advertising is catching the eyes of the beautiful people cavorting in Utah.

Billboard Bands, based in South Norwalk, Conn., claims to be the first to offer advertisers the opportunity to literally put their messages in motion on the wrists of young adults who hit the hot night spots. Targeting the 21-34 crowd, messaging dedicated to fighting AIDS has been plastered on a million wristbands at 150 clubs in 20 major American cities this week, as well as at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. At Sundance, wristbands granting wearers entry to VIP events are carrying advertising from Carlsbad, Cal.-based GFH Boards, manufacturer of surfboards and skateboards.

Other commercial messages have been appearing on wristbands since September, when Billboard Bands began signing exclusive deals with popular clubs from NYC to L.A. The company also provides advertisers with corollary opps such as drive-to-web promotion codes and coupons, scratch-and-win and scratch-and-sniff applications.