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MiC‘s K.I.S.S. Pick: bus stop TV

It took the Discovery Channel to, well, discover one of the few captive audience sectors that hadn't been addressed until now.

Commuters cooling their heels at ten bus stops in Manhattan are a lot less bored now thanks to the Silver Spring, Maryland-HQ’d Discovery Channel.

HDTVs that exclusively air Discovery Channel content were installed within the shelters’ tamper-proof walls. Programming will be regularly updated during the year-long promotion.

The kick-off promo offers transit passengers a sneak peek at ‘Future Weapons,’ the first episode of the channel’s upcoming Planet Earth series, which premieres in the US at the end of March.

Bluetooth technology enabling people to download programming clips will also be outfitted in 40 bus shelters across the city, including the ten outfitted with the HDTVs.

Discovery is hoping passerbys will establish a programming alert on their wireless devices that will ring whenever Planet Earth is about to air.