Zoom Media bows interactive billboard units

In what the lifestyle targeter is calling a first for OOH, a GM campaign is pushing the buttons of 18-34 trendies in downtown Montreal - and enticing them to do likewise to explore the features of new Chevys and Pontiacs.

In partnership with Cossette Media, Montreal’s Zoom Media launched an OOH innovation earlier this month. Fifty units, which might best be described as eye-level video billboards, have been installed in popular restaurants, bars and fitness clubs in downtown Montreal. They will remain in place through this summer, attracting an estimated one million impressions.

The interactive boards communicate directly with consumers through a 12′ HD video and audio display, and the underlying technology is activated by a motion sensor. Wireless internet and mobile network compatibility allows for remote updating and provides data on user behaviour.

The gizmos’ first use is a campaign for eight models of General Motors Canada’s ’07 Chevrolets and Pontiacs. The breakthrough interactivity targets 18-34 trendies, inviting them to explore each vehicle’s features via four on-screen, touchless buttons.

Each choice leads to more detailed info on the selected model, plus video of its exteriors and interiors. The campaign also includes printed brochures in postcard racks installed on the boards.

Chantal Goncalves, Zoom’s communication and marketing manager, tells MiC her company plans to expand its new interactive boards outside the Quebec market later this year.