Leslie Nielsen’s new medical series examines slapstick*ology

Discovery is putting a bit of slapstick into its new medical genre show. Canadian screen icon Leslie Nielsen turns heads while he prods and probes behind the scenes of the medicine world.

It’s factual programming with fictional characters. Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun, Airplane!) and ‘nephew’ Robert (David Lawrence, Fubar) ‘turn up the good’ in Discovery’s new 13-part series about medicine and technology. Playing an aspiring med student in search of a specialty, Lawrence queries doctors working at the McGill University Health Center about their jobs.

It’s an unconventional approach to hosting a show. Nielsen, who plays a retired M.D., offers some comic relief by helping Lawrence figure out his career path in the medical field. The duo explores everything from anesthesiology to urology and everything in between.

‘It’s an interesting hybrid of science/fictional entertainment,’ says Jodi Cook, communications manager at Discovery Channel. With Nielsen’s signature slapstick comedy, the show promises mayhem at every turn. Doctor*ology will be premiering on Mar. 2 at 8:30 pm EST, kicking things off with a five-episode marathon.