Steelback Brewery new title sponsor for Grand Prix of Toronto

When the race cars zoom around the track in July, the 21-year old event once known as the Molson Indy will be sporting a new moniker - and offering marketers brand exposure on-site and on worldwide television.

Today, Steelback Brewery, of Tiverton, Ont., was named the new title sponsor for one of Ontario’s largest annual summer sporting events. The Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto is scheduled for July 6-8 in Toronto, where the event is expected to attract an estimated 130,000+ trackside fans. On sports channels worldwide, the event is the highest-rated of the annual champ-car race series, according to Grand Prix Toronto president/CEO Charlie Johnstone.

There are multiple brand exposure opportunities for other marketers, Johnstone tells MiC. ‘And we don’t offer an A, B or C package, take it or leave it. We sit down with potential sponsors to customize what best fits their key objectives.’

On offer are signage opps as well as co-marketing and co-advertising deals. ‘If, for example, a marketer wants in on the key market of Toronto,’ Johnstone explains, ‘we could design some incredible contests, with behind-the-scenes access to the drivers and the paddocks that non-sponsors could not access.’

Steelback, a fast-growing new brewery with distribution in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and soon in Quebec, brews 11 brands of premium beers including: Copperhead Pilsner, Bruce Country Wild, Steelback Thunder, Tiverton Bear Honey Brown, Steelback Light and Tango. It’s the first brewery in Canada to use innovative packaging methods such as unbreakable bottles and large-format cans with body-sleeve labels.

Because Steelback president/CEO Frank D’Angelo holds identical positions at Mississauga-based D’Angelo Brands, that company’s beverage and food products – which include D’Angelo Apple Juice, Cheetah Caffeine Free Energy Drink, Soul Fruit and D’Uh Premium Old Fashioned Sodas – will also be featured during the Grand Prix.

Significant marketing support is being planned for the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto, including a large media buy during prime television programs including Hockey Night in Canada. As well, there will be on-pack promotions of Steelback and D’Angelo products at retail level, where 20,000 race tickets will be offered through a purchase-to-win contest. There will also be exposure for all three brands in a large number of bars and restaurants in Southern Ontario.