RD rules again: PMB 2007

In a repeat of last year's rankings, Readers Digest was the most-read magazine in Canada. But Chatelaine suffered a demotion.

The Toronto-HQ’d Print Measurement Bureau released its PMB 2007 study today. Some 112 magazines – down two titles from last year – were studied including ten new ones: Bell TV Magazine (English and French), Canadian Health and Lifestyle, Hockey News Magazine, Elle Canada, La Semaine, Movie Entertainment, Star Système, Toronto Star and 24 Hours Toronto.

Once again, Readers Digest topped the readership ranking, scoring 7,085,000 readers 12+. That was down from last year’s total of 7,206,000. But it far outweighed the 4,400,000 readership of Canadian Geographic, which snatched second-place honours from last year’s number-two mag, Chatelaine, which came in fourth this time with 4,220,000 readers. Claiming third place was Canadian Living with 4,268,000.

Total magazine readership was 110.5 million, a return to the 2005 level, but higher than that recorded in the first two PMB Recent Reading studies in 2002 and 2003. The across-the-board readers-per-copy number returned to the 2002-03 levels after three years of increases, standing at 5.0, down from 5.5 the previous year.

Across all measured titles, the average reading time and the average degree of interest both followed a constant trend since the introduction of PMB’s recent reading methodology in 2002. They stood at 41 average reading minutes, and a 6.8 degree of interest on a 10-point scale.

The complete report is available at: www.pmb.ca/public/e/pmb2007/PMB2007_topline.pdf