MasterCard bows Quebecker-generated media

With viral hopes, videos posted en exclusivité by Quebeckers are being morphed into only-in-Quebec TV spots.

What is priceless in Quebec? That’s the question Toronto-HQ’d MasterCard Canada recently tossed into cyber space, inviting Quebeckers to post videos on a new microsite depicting what they believe makes la belle province priceless. To keep the ball rolling, the site features a virtual map of Quebec containing posted suggestions about activities in various locales.

On April 9, three 15-second, documentary-style spots taken from the best of those videos will begin a five-week run on every television network in Quebec. Adapted by Montreal’s Marketel, they include a Montrealer sharing a cooking experience with a local chef, a surfer practicing his sport near the St. Lawrence River, and sharks swimming near Baie Comeau. Marketel is also handling the media buys.

‘MasterCard wanted to create a platform where Quebeckers could connect with one another and discuss what is priceless in their eyes,’ says Tammy Scott, VP brand marketing. ‘Rather than imposing our vision of priceless Quebec experiences, we are letting Quebeckers define their own unforgettable experiences through this new initiative.’

Scott tells MiC that, while the TV clips will air for a limited time, ‘the videos Quebeckers post will stay on our site indefinitely. And we’re very hopeful that they’ll take on a larger viral life on some of the social network sites.’