Vision Durable aims to bridge a gap in Quebec

Transcontinental Media is launching a new sustainable development mag targeting Quebec's business community. Perhaps a new buzzword - SusDev - is in order.

The first edition of Montreal-based Transcontinental Media ‘s Vision Durable hit newsstands yesterday, included with the May edition of Commerce magazine. The mag, printed on recycled paper, will be distributed to 40,000 subscribers with the July and September editions of Commerce. The pub’s French-language web presence,, will feature daily content.

The new brand promises biz leaders articles, case studies and insights about how to implement sustainable development practices in business. So, Vision Durable is bidding to become an indispensable source of info in the age of enviro-enlightened biz operations.

Transcontinental Media VP of business publications Pierre Marcoux tells MiC the company will analyze the market’s response to the new publication before deciding whether it will continue as a standalone title on newsstands. At this time, four to eight issues are planned to follow the inaugural three. He says the magazine is ‘positioning itself as a partner with the business audience’ attracted to Commerce magazine, which specifically targets professionals in medium- to large-sized companies. Advertisers in the premiere issue of Vision Durable include Hydro Quebec (which, for now, is the sole marketer featured on the new brand’s website), Cascades, Polytechnique Montreal (highlighting SusDev in its engineering programs), and Via Rail. An online directory of services may also be developed for advertisers to consider.

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