Battle of the med-heads
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – April 16-22, 2007

Medical dramas Grey's Anatomy and House are locked into a tight numbers race - same time slot, different nights. Grey's won Thursday, and House won, well, more than once on these charts.

Note: The NHL Playoffs on CBC show up on the national charts at #17 and #10, earning an average 1.171 million viewers for 7-10 pm every night of the week and peaking at 1.652 million during the Tuesday/Thursday 10 pm face-off. How did it affect drama on the charts?

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – April 16-22, 2007.

Monday: All the Monday night numbers were down on this week’s chart. CTV’s CSI: Miami was the clear winner for the night, raking in an average minute audience of 1.888 million during the 10 pm time slot (down from 2.256 million on the previous week’s chart). The net’s Dancing with the Stars, airing 8-9:30 pm, won the night’s second highest numbers, 1.516 million (down from 1.667 million). Global’s House attracted 1.052 million viewers on average (down from 1.489 million) for 8 pm, and the net’s 24 won the 9 pm time slot again with 1.305 million (down from 1.635 million).

Tuesday: American Idol on CTV took top spot on the chart this week, winning Tuesday night with an average 2.843 million viewers (down slightly from 2.89 million). Global’s House came second with 2.372 million viewers at 9 pm (down from 2.836 million) against CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which earned 1.352 million (down from 1.464 million). CTV’s Law & Order: SVU owned 10 pm with 1.316 million (down from 1.387 million).

Wednesday: CTV’s juggernaut won 9 pm with 2.417 million viewers following American Idol (down slightly from 2.436 million). CSI: New York won 10 pm for the net, measuring an average of 1.679 million (down from 2.113 million). Global’s Crossing Jordan got 1.084 million airing against Idol at 9 pm – narrowly beating CTV’s numbers for Lost, which won the 8 pm time slot with 1.077 million viewers (down from 1.154 million). Global’s Bones at 8 pm earned 989,000 viewers.

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy on CTV took third place on the Top 30 with 2.377 million viewers on average in the 9 pm time slot (way up from 1.113 million). Global’s 9 pm show, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?, edged closer to the million mark, earning 969,000 (up from 894,000 the previous week). The 8 pm time slot went to Global’s Survivor: Fiji, earning 1.87 million (down from 2.211 million) against CTV’s CSI, which got 1.068 million (down from 2.825 million). CTV attracted 1.61 million (down slightly from 1.647 million) viewers at 10 pm with ER, and Global’s Shark reeled in 1.078 million (down slightly from 1.14 million), but neither net could beat the Tuesday/Thursday hockey average of CBC (see note at top).

Friday: CTV’s Law & Order at 10 pm earned an average of 1.006 million viewers (down from 1.236 million), but unlike the previous week, it had company from the competition. Global’s House at 8 pm Friday attracted 942,000.

Saturday No dramatic programming wins to report on this national Top 30 chart, but CBC’s NHL Playoffs made a mark (see note at top).

Sunday: The Amazing Race kept its crown, attracting the highest numbers at the end of the week with 1.908 million viewers on average in the 8 pm time slot (down slightly from 1.955 million). Global’s 8 pm show, The Simpsons, earned a loyal 1.007 million average in half an hour’s time. In the 9 pm time slot, Desperate Housewives on CTV raked in 1.901 million (down from 1.945 million), with no competition on the national chart. It was a close race at 10 pm with CTV’s Criminal Minds earning 958,000 (down from 1.211 million) against an average 946,000 viewers who watched Global’s The Apprentice.

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