Tylenol literally leveraging brain power

Imagine a really big brain with a really big headache. No, wait. Imagination won't be necessary if you're in downtown Toronto tomorrow.

Cake was deemed too ho hum for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Tylenol brand in Canada. Instead, the powers that be commissioned a giant floating brain from a manufacturer in India. And tomorrow the 15′x15′x15′ monstrosity will be mounted in the courtyard of BCE Place in downtown Toronto to prompt passersby to think about headaches.

The point of the quirky gambit is to ‘get people in the financial district to relate to what’s inside their heads,’ Cathy Gapp, manager health policy for McNeil Consumer Healthcare Canada, tells MiC. Whose bright idea was the cerebral celebration? ‘It was a brainstorm between us and Environics,’ she quips – referring to the Toronto agency that’s handling the PR side of the promo, while Free For All Marketing is executing the event.

As the giant brain looms over the scene tomorrow, nurses will encourage people to identify the locus of their headaches. And family physician Dr. Vivien Brown will be on hand to talk about how to manage pain – no matter how big your brain happens to be.