New ‘hybrid’ energy drink arriving from Montreal

Clad in branded gear to match cans of GURU, zippy sampling teams will roam streets, parks and events demonstrating the beverage's purported power.

GURU, the organic energy drink founded in Montreal by four health-conscious college pals – who, company legend has it, scoured the globe for dynamic ingredients – has been reformulated to produce three ‘hybrid’ flavours.

The low-key, DIY marketing approach that’s succeeded for a decade will be replicated, with all creative and media done in-house, Raymond Jolicoeur, co-founder and VP Marketing, G.I. Energy Drink, tells MiC. Ads will appear in urban dailies in Montreal and Toronto throughout the summer. As well, GURU Hybrid sampling teams in branded gear will hit downtown streets, parks and targeted special events from July to September. Billboard exposure is expected to follow.

Aimed at a target demographic of urban consumers 18-24, GURU is now arriving in supermarkets including A&P Dominion stores, Wal-Mart Supercenters, Highland Farms, Kitchen Tables and Whole Foods; health food outlets such as the Big Carrot; exercise centres including Premier Fitness and Extreme Fitness; and convenience stores including International News.

Asked what differentiates GURU Hybrid from its competitors, Jolicoeur says, ‘We are introducing a brand new beverage category . . . a combination of two different elements and three popular beverages: an isotonic sports drink, iced tea and fruit juice.’