New combo vodka/energy drink rolling out

Positioned as the sexiest vodka cooler so far, Mojo is headed for the dance floor assisted by instore, urban outdoor and online club kid media.

Pairing vodka with mega-caffeine berries from the Amazon, Mojo was produced by Montreal-based Blue Spike Beverages, targeted to younger adult consumers who want to keep dancing till the wee hours. Currently available in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec, Mojo is hitting Ontario this week.

All creative and media buying for the Mojo release nationwide were
facilitated in-house by Marie-Chantal Gauthier, marketing manager for Blue Spike Beverages, with the assistance of CBS Outdoor and Zoom Media. The campaign kicks off with an in-store promo at the LCBO’s flagship Toronto store this week. It includes a four-week outdoor campaign on CBS Outdoors boards in the Greater Toronto Area as well as London and Hamilton, Ont.; an eight-week transit initiative with MetroMedia in the Maritimes; four weeks of signage in Ontario clubs; and online ad banners on nightlife and music websites. A sampling tour in clubs and an online contest are in the works.

‘Mojo is a young and fashionable cooler, different from the cooler that your mom or dad would drink,’ Blue Spike co-founder Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaal tells MiC. ‘Our visuals and tagline – ‘Get your Mojo going’ – define our image, which will help us reach clubbers and trend setters.’