Product placement monitoring now available in Canada

Nielsen doesn't have a Canadian-based service yet, but its US arm will work with clients here.

Canadian advertisers can now access Place*Views, the product placement monitoring service the Nielsen Company launched for American television advertisers in 2003. The US service has been customized to track Canadian shows for Canadian clients, Nielsen Media Research spokesman Paul Robinson tells MiC.

‘The service tracks an array of data to help discern the value of the placement,’ he says, explaining that ‘Place*Views is a Web-based product placement measurement interface tool that allows clients to track placements by advertiser, brand, category, network or program. It provides top line and individual occurrence reports, with access to full motion video clips of the placements. Its reports can be exported to spreadsheet software applications.’

Robinson says the monitoring service includes:

• Audio – brand mention, dialogue mention, sponsorship

• Visual – background, foreground, prop, prop usage, wardrobe, sponsorship

• Duration

• Integration level – storyline, reward, vehicle footage

• Partial vs. full view and altered brand flag

• Actual product or logo

• Positive, negative or neutral references for audio mentions

• Main characters noted when they interact with the product

• Audience Information (minute ratings at the time of the placement)