Toronto Star shakes up advertising options

Advertisers will soon have modules and sections to choose from when buying space in the pages of the Toronto Star.

The Toronto Star is changing the way it sells ads on January 1, 2008. The paper will roll out modular advertising and sectional pricing in a bid to help newspapers align with media options such as online, TV and radio, which already offer standardized sizes and targeting opportunities.

Publisher Jagoda Pike says the changes are part of the Star‘s commitment to help advertisers ‘build results by connecting price and value.’ She adds that sectional pricing will offer ‘unprecedented opportunity for targeting’ and that more options will allow advertisers to ‘improve ROI and have a stronger impact in the paper.’

The Star will sell modular advertising using standardized size proportions instead of ad hoc shapes – a move that will make it consistent with The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Chicago Sun Times and reward advertisers for larger commitments and larger space ads. On January 1, 24 modules will be available from the Star.

For the sectional advertising, a separate rate card will be developed for each section tied to readership and demographics. Each section of the paper will have its own value based on the audience that it delivers. Advertisers will be able to target demos more easily within the Star‘s pages.