Dore cracking wise for Comedy

Best known as the roving reporter on Canadian Idol, the comedian Jon Dore now has his own series.

Following his roving-reporter stint on Canadian Idol, Ottawa-born comedian Jon Dore is working double duty as host and creator of a new skit, comedy and interview series for The Comedy Network. Inspired by the likes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien and featuring Toronto-based sketch comedy acts such as Knock Knock, Who’s There? Comedy!, the half-hour The Jon Dore Television Show will bow on Oct. 17 for a 13-episode run.

The series takes a look at some of Dore’s personal issues, including how to stop smoking via hypnosis, and in each episode he interviews experts to gain insight into the topic at hand. Looking to get in shape, for example, he enlists the help of an army drill sergeant. ‘And of course at the end of the episode, I learn nothing,’ Dore quips.

Webisodes for the Comedy net’s site are in the works. Dore says he’s still hammering out the details on how the show will leap from the TV to the monitor, but he’s thinking the webisodes will be produced independently and deal with more simple topics – such as his favorite colour.

From Playback Daily