Elevator-tising goes 360

Ride the right lift and you're suddenly in Europe, thanks to a new Telus campaign.

DDB Canada’s Vancouver office is claiming bragging rights for the first Canadian execution of 360-degree elevator wraps.

A new campaign supporting the introduction of Telus’s CDMA/GSM Blackberry 8830 World Edition smartphone consists of full-interior wraps in more than 50 elevators in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The initiative began last week and will continue through the fall, with OMD Vancouver handling media buys.

The idea is to communicate that the new gizmo not only works fast in North America but also easily converts to the GSM-only platform in some other parts of the world. The wraps suggest this advantage with colourful scenes of European cityscapes and countrysides, plus the tagline: ‘Fly the world. Backed by Telus.’