Which new Hugo Boss scent is sexiest?

Guerrilla teams will soon be staging street squabbles on the topic.

No need to intervene if you witness nubile couples quarreling in high-traffic spots in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal during the Nov. 3-4 weekend – at least not if what they’re shouting about is which of Hugo Boss’s new scents is sexier.

The upcoming action – deliberately reminiscent of scary Apache dancers – will actually be guerrilla theatre staged by Toronto’s Compound agency to promote the provocatively monikered XX and XY fragrances. The initiative, explains Compound media specialist Liz Worth, is ‘a smouldering mix of sexual ferocity and radical theatre that promises to seduce everyone in its path with its confident swagger and unbridled fervor.’

The actors in the street scenes will encourage passersby to settle the argument by smelling the new scents for themselves. Hugo Boss’s target demo for XX and XY is ‘the beautiful people – young up and coming professionals who are adventurous and style-savvy.’

Makes sense, then, that the new fragrances began a seven-week ad run on www.LavaLife.com last week and will be featured in Lavalife’s Holiday Gift Guide.