Viral campaign hyping Garbage! revolution

And consumer-generated content will be turned into a Garbage2! video.

Independent filmmaker and interactive specialist Andrew Nisker has launched a viral marketing campaign to boost the positive effects he’s hoping will be sparked by his documentary Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home. The film portrays a Toronto family as they track their waste output for three months, find out where it all goes and learn about the impact it has on the environment.

The goal of the accompanying campaign is to use social networking to ignite a grassroots movement to combat the problem of household waste. The film’s official website,, encourages users to discuss eco-friendly living by sharing videos, pictures and blogs of their ideas and solutions on the site. In addition to the main site, they’re also building the campaign through Facebook and MySpace. The hope is to gather enough social media to create Garbage2!, a video mash of inspirational content submitted by users.

On the main site, people around the world are encouraged to host screening parties of the film, which will have its world premiere in Toronto on Nov. 19. Icons take users to everything they need to host a screening, including downloadable sign-in sheets, discussion questions, posters and press release templates. Users can also book seats at other environmentalists’ screenings.

Nisker says his viral campaign was somewhat modeled after Robert Greenwald’s approach to marketing his film Wal-Mart through self-distribution using social media as an outreach tool. His production company is currently creating new forms of interactive entertainment. Nisker has created and produced interactive DVD board games for the WWE, NASCAR and The Apprentice. He also co-produced the first ‘Yummy Mummy’ contest, in which users uploaded videos online in hopes of becoming Canada’s greatest mom, as voted by their families and friends.