HGTV bows new Sunday-night block of ‘green’

New episodes of Living with Ed and three new-to-Canada series are aimed at green-conscious viewers.

HGTV’s ‘The Green Space’ – a weekly two-hour evening programming block of shows about green living – is scheduled for Sunday nights from 6 pm ET/8 pm PT-8 pm ET/10 pm PT beginning Jan. 6. The goal is to entertain families while providing them with info about eco-friendly living. Anna Gecan, VP, content for HGTV, explains, ‘In our online polls, more than 80% of HGTV viewers have ranked TV as the most popular resource for ‘green’ information.’

The line-up will kick off with new episodes of Living with Ed. This reality ‘docu-soap’ follows actor and activist Ed Begley Jr. (pictured, with wife Rachelle), who drives an electric car and uses solar energy to power his home.

Next up is the half-hour reality show Eco-House Challenge, at 6:30 pm ET/ 8:30 pm PT. The series follows two families – one large and frugal, the other small and affluent – as they try to go on with their daily lives without energy, water, transport or waste removal services. Tanya Ha, the families’ ‘Eco Coach,’ helps them radically reduce their consumption and learn to live sustainably.

Then, at 7 pm ET/9 pm PT, some of Britain’s most wasteful families get a wake-up call in No Waste Like Home. The families get advice on how to cut down on waste and save money. Viewers are also offered advice on how to make their households more efficient and kinder to the planet.

Concluding the line-up is the UK series Eco-Eden, at 7:30 pm ET/9:30 pm PT. Matt James (The City Gardener, Urban Outsiders) turns gardens into ‘eco-Edens’ by making them environmentally friendly. He also investigates current environmental issues and offers tips to help viewers do their part for the environment.