M2 Universal asks consumers about strike

Will Canadians watch less TV if the Hollywood writers' strike continues? M2 Universal decided to ask 1,000 Canadians.

Toronto-based M2 Universal has completed a survey of 1,000 Canadian consumers to explore awareness and attitudes about the Hollywood writers’ strike. From Dec. 8-10, Canadians were asked about general awareness of the strike, how it may affect their TV viewing behaviour and what alternative entertainment channels they might seek out.

The survey revealed that 90% of English-speaking Canadians were aware of the strike – although awareness was higher (96%) among older people and a little lower for the A18-24 demo (80%).

About 53% of respondents felt that the strike would negatively impact their viewing levels. Another 40% said they would watch about the same amount of television as usual. A majority of women (57%) said they’re more likely to watch less TV. Respondents aged 25-34 and 50-64 were the most likely to say they would watch less television, at 59% and 57% respectively.

M2 Universal has chosen not to publicly disclose the stats on what alternative channels consumers would choose as entertainment sources, aiming to give its clients a leg up on the situation. ‘There are some key tactical opportunities for a number of relevant product categories that the survey revealed,’ says M2 Universal president Hugh Dow. ‘We intend to fully explore these with our clients.’

‘Of particular note was the fact that these opportunities vary significantly by key demographics such as age and region,’ he added. ‘This survey has clearly demonstrated the importance of the strike and the steps we should take to address changes in television viewing levels. The silver lining is the opportunity to reach increased number of consumers through alternate entertainment channels.’

Where would you put your video creative, instead of TV, if the Hollywood writers’ strike continues? Online, Digital Out-of-Home, Mobile, Dynamic In-Game, or Cinema? Take the strategy poll at strategymag.com.