CTV orders two pilots

The net is pushing forward with homegrown content in the form of two series that, ahem, each wear a different uniform.

High-tension law enforcement and a young paramedic with a dose of ESP are on CTV’s new list of pilot orders. The net has officially ordered 13 hour-long eps each for Sniper and The Listener – both scheduled to start production in the spring. The two shows were part of CTV’s first venture into pilot production in summer 2007. It was the first time CTV had ordered pilots as part of its development of new Canadian television series. CTV and producers of The Listener and Sniper are open to discussing interesting and relevant promotional opportunities.

Sniper (working title) is an hour-long drama delving into the world of one of Canada’s elite police forces – the Strategic Response Unit. They rescue hostages, bust gangs, defuse bombs and handle state-of-the-art weaponry. The show stars Enrico Colantoni (pictured), Hugh Dillon (Durham County) and David Paetkau (Whistler).

The Listener is a fast-paced drama about a young paramedic with an active social life who can read people’s minds. Craig Olejnik (In God’s Country) stars as the hero, the urban twentysomething Toby Logan, alongside Ennis Esmer (The Toronto Show), who plays Logan’s partner.