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More (ad) lights coming to more tunnels

Winnipeg's SideTrack has installed eye-fooling LED displays between London's Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station, and in the US, Mexico and Brazil. Now the aptly named company's in talks with Toronto's TTC.

Winnipeg-based SideTrack Technologies recently installed LED tunnel ad displays between London’s Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station. As trains rush along, the company’s eye-catching LED tubes – nearly half a kilometre in length – light up to show what appears to be a Fiat 500 racing through the UK tunnels. To a passenger’s eye, the illusion is created by the speed at which the train passes separate images, visually blending them together.

SideTrack also has in-tunnel advertising in several cities in the US, Mexico and Brazil. And the company says it’s now negotiating with the Toronto Transit Commission to bring its dynamic displays to the city’s subway tunnels.

Company president Rob Walker explains that SideTrack’s technology offers advertisers extreme flexibility in that updates to creative are done remotely via computer, rather than by having anyone physically enter tunnels.

Current clients include Target, Paramount, Intel, Microsoft, Honda and GM, and their respective spots may be viewed at