Eloda launches Protocol 2.0

No more after-the-fact tracking of changes made to a campaign during its execution. Eloda's CEO says the 'ground-breaking' Eloda Protocol 2.0 is about to completely change the rules of advertising.

Montreal-based Eloda officially launched its new Eloda Protocol 2.0 solution yesterday. The tool provides advertisers with a Web toolset that can enable in-flight updates to TV ad campaigns. The Web-based interface allows instant viewing and immediate calls-to-action for the flawless execution of a campaign and a means for advertising teams to work virtually and simultaneously on a campaign.

Campaign data is refreshed every 30 minutes and recorded in an official online log, allowing for a video proof of ad occurrences. While older verification technologies are using watermarked or pre-encoded information in an advertisement, Eloda Protocol 2.0 uses ‘patented fingerprinting’ technology, which does not require any pre-encoding of information and simplifies the verification process.

Eloda CEO François Rainville says the new tool is a ‘ground-breaking solution that will completely change the rules of the advertising verification process. It is putting the power of ad broadcast verification in the hands of the advertisers and media buyers, where it belongs.’