Captivate launches elevator screens in Montreal

The network known for reaching working professionals between floors is pushing for a bilingual future and a national reach.

Toronto-based Captivate Network is expanding into the Montreal market with an initial launch of screens in about 40 elevators. The company has also extended its relationship with Brookfield Properties to adding Toronto’s First Canadian Place and more Calgary buildings to its portfolio.

The expansion into Montreal extends the reach of Captivate to more than 410,000 working consumers per day in Canada. In addition to hiring a French news editor, Captivate Network president and GM Mike DiFranza says the newly-bilingual net will source stories from outlets such as Presse Canadienne and other Quebec-based media sources.’

Currently the Montreal screens are located in office towers at 1250 Rene Levesque, 1100 Rene Levesque and 600 de Maisonneuve Blvd West. The company will continue to expand its reach in Montreal throughout 2008. Captivate screens are also found at Toronto’s BCE Place and Exchange Tower and Calgary’s Bankers Hall.

Major advertisers in Canada using Captivate screens include WestJet, Ford, CIBC, Volvo, Expedia, Wrigley’s, Diageo, Johnson & Johnson and American Express.