More marketers leveraging downtown T.O. square

As the Toronto Life section of Yonge-Dundas Square nears completion, its newly arrived retailers - plus others - are increasingly rendezvousing there with consumers.

Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto has become a hot venue for events ranging from concerts and movies to themed bazaars and even Richard Branson’s zany stunts. Now, as the Toronto Life section at the north end nears completion, its newly arrived retailers – plus other marketers – are increasingly creating connection points with consumers.

Cross-promotions in the venue are also on the rise. Last evening, for example, no fewer than eight marketers got in on the action when HMV opened a new store in the square.

Warner Home Video and LouLou magazine invited shoppers to a mother-and-daughter spree at which Yummy Stuff served ‘decadent’ cupcakes, Lux-Spa offered free manicures and David Scott Cosmetics did makeovers. As well, attendees competed in Nintendo Wii battles for chances to win prizes including a gumball machine. Meanwhile, Warner sold 50%-off DVDs of seasons 1-7 of The Gilmore Girls.

Today, Yonge-Dundas Square was to be invaded by hockey buffs eager to have their photos taken with the Stanley Cup and/or NHL alumni Johnny Bower and Mark Napier. The event was the kick-off for Scotiabank’s ‘Build Stanley’ contest where – using duct tape, soup cans, car parts, pasta noodles, pastries, cheeses, cutlery, art supplies and stubby beer bottles – 10 teams from across Toronto were to build replicas of hockey’s most famous cup. Representing a range of different industries, they were to compete for $500 donations by Scotiabank to their favourite charities.

By the way, Scotiabank is inviting Canadians who don’t make it to the square to construct their own replica Stanley Cups online until April 27. At stake are various weekly prizes, while two grand prize winners will receive trips to one of the NHL final games. Bensimon Byrne’s Mighty division created the website, while the agency’s Narrative Advocacy section handled all aspects of the OOH event.