Telus staging stunts, night projections

The eye-catchers in Montreal and Toronto are asking consumers to consider which communication channel on the new Smartphones they prefer for different tasks.

The latest phase of Telus’s ‘Say-it-all’ Smartphone campaign is sparking smiles from passersby in Toronto and Montreal while posing questions about which communication channel on the new Smartphones users prefer to accomplish particular goals: voice, email, Facebook or text messaging.

The amusing stunts and night projections were created by Taxi Canada’s Toronto shop as the latest elements of Telus’s integrated campaign for the new handsets. It broke in early February, and is currently running on TV, out-of-home, transit, print, in-store and web.

At sundown, crews in both target cities are taking to the streets with high-powered projectors that beam questions onto high walls. Each query relates to its physical location: ‘How do you know it’s really her number?’ can be read on a wall near a nightclub. ‘How do you explain this to your personal trainer?’ appears next to a hotdog vending cart.

In Toronto only, there’s also a stunt consisting of ‘decorating’ a downtown house so it appears to have been trashed by party-goers the night before. Once the sun sets, the projection appears: ‘How do you explain this to your landlord?’ Another stunt execution, set for this weekend, is still under wraps. Both the stunts and the Smartphone campaign will continue throughout the spring.

‘This campaign’s goal is educating Canadian consumers on the wide range of fun and user-friendly options Smartphones offer to communicate with families and friends,’ explains Telus VP marketing communications Tammy Scott. ‘Telus offers the largest selection of Smartphones on Canada’s fastest wireless network, and an interactive campaign like this one really engages consumers to find out more about our incredible line-up and the great plans created to answer their specific communication needs.’