OBN launches new options at Yonge-Dundas

Advertisers looking to reach people at one of Toronto's busiest squares can buy for shorter terms with more options, and Samsung is the first to sign on.

The Outdoor Broadcast Network (OBN) is implementing new packaging options for its Toronto Eaton Centre (TEC) media tower, which overlooks the high-traffic Dundas Square area. The company is offering advertisers short-term campaign options on the 18-storey TEC structure.

Advertisers can book shorter-term campaigns with the ability to choose from several combinations of the tower components, opening up options for advertisers of all budgets to reach outdoor audiences via Dundas Square. The structure was previously available only on a long-term basis and included all components. The TEC media tower includes two 40′x60′ trivisions, one 30′x40′ trivision and one 30′x40′ video board.

‘Dundas Square has become one of the hottest and most effective areas in Toronto in which to advertise, drawing large crowds of shoppers, business people, students and tourists, as well as vehicular traffic,’ says OBN president Peter Irwin. ‘The TEC Media Tower dominates this busy area with its 18-storey structure and uncluttered large ad displays.’

Samsung is the first advertiser to jump on board for the new options. The company’s new wireless campaign, which asks audiences to express themselves with music and texting, will use trivisions and video board components of the media tower. The six-week campaign launched May 5.