Dove staging national sleepover

Girls across Canada will be encouraged to 'share a night of positive change' by throwing slumber parties, then watching movies on YTV, CMT and W, plus three-minute 'self-esteem breaks.'

On June 7, Dove will encourage Canadian girls to throw slumber parties to ‘share a night of positive change’ while watching such movies as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on YTV, CMT and W. Courtesy of the brand, the flicks will be accompanied by three-minute ‘self-esteem breaks,’ plus excerpts from a live sleepover with girls and their mothers chatting about beauty and body image issues.

To prepare for the sleepover, the website is already offering free branded PJ pants, in both girls’ and women’s sizes, in three styles dubbed Serenity, Inspiration and 2BReal. Corus and Astral have been running 15-second promotional spots for the offer since March.

French-language TV and online ads will break on Astral channels on May 12, while English-language equivalents will begin on Corus channels on May 19. Print ads ran in the April issues of several women’s and parenting magazines. All creative for the sleepathon was developed by Capital C, while PHD Canada is handling media and Harbinger Communications is doing PR. Corus and Astral produced the TV spots and will also be producing the self-esteem segments.

The event will take place roughly a month after the Toronto premiere of Body & Soul, the collaborative play Dove spearheaded.