Home Depot tries lawn-bag-vertising

Just in time for gardening season, branded Smart Cars zipped door to door in southern Ontario to hand out recyclable lawn bags.

Home Depot Canada rolled out another of its ‘green’ initiatives on Friday, sending a fleet of cars to a half-dozen southern Ontario communities to go door to door handing out branded recyclable lawn bags.

Eco-friendly Smart Cars were chosen for the initiative, which was meant to help householders in Newmarket, Maple, Hamilton, Brantford, Brampton and parts of Toronto keep the planet’s welfare in mind as they do their spring clean-ups. Each bag contains an offer of $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at Home Depot until June 15.

‘As a gardening expert, the Home Depot provides resources for community residents to start preparing beautiful lawns and gardens,’ says company president Annette Verschuren. ‘As an environmental leader in the home improvement retail industry, we wanted to distribute 100% recyclable leaf bags in an environmentally responsible way.’