Brewery celebrating all things big

Saskatoon's Great Western Brewing's summer campaign is featuring quirky roadside attractions.

In this year’s annual summer campaign, Saskatoon’s Great Western Brewing Company is spotlighting some of the most intriguing ‘big things’ on the Prairies.

The type of quirky roadside attractions that make highway travelers smile, these giant structures are a phenomenon right across the country. Often erected by craftspeople and artists from local communities, they can symbolize the culture, heritage or main industry of the area, or be created just for fun.

To publicize its Great Western premium beers, the brewco selected 11 of the Prairies’ ‘big things’ for inclusion in its current campaign. They include Canora’s statuesque Ukrainian girl, Lesia; Leader’s giant Burrowing Owls; the world’s tallest survey markers in Lloydminster; Davidson’s giant Coffee Pot and Cup; Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw; Porcupine Plain’s extra-large Quilly Willy statue; and the extra-hefty Bull in Russell, Manitoba.

‘We’re not quite sure why people create ‘big things’ to put on the side of the road, but we are sure we want to celebrate the big spirit that compels them to do it,’ says the brewco’s president/CEO, Ron Waldman. ‘These markers are sometimes beautiful and sometimes a bit odd. But they all tell a great story about the big pride we have here on the Prairies. It’s that kind of spirit that inspires us to make our premium beers with a big taste to match.’

With creative and media buying handled by Vancouver’s St. Bernadine Mission Communications, the promotion includes radio spots on regional stations, which were recorded on location at each of the roadside markers and feature interviews with local residents such as a teacher, the mayors of two of the towns and the artist who created the ‘big thing’ in Davidson, SK.

The campaign’s web banner ads will feature ‘big things’ trivia. In addition to the ads, St. Bernadine designed collateral POP materials including posters, price cards, fridge clings and tent cards. PR is being handled by Saskatoon’s Elettra Communications.

‘We know there are plenty more Big Things worthy of attention in towns across the Prairies,’ Waldman adds. ‘So we hope to hear from folks about what we’ll find in their town [and] make sharing this big spirit a tradition, just like the great Canadian summer road trip.’

To that end, consumers are being encouraged to visit Great Western Brewing’s website to suggest other ‘big things’ worthy of being included in next summer’s campaign.